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ICN 2013 Abstract Search

The abstracts are now available online for informational and planning purposes of the delegates.

Instructions for the use of the search engine:

The Abstract Search Engine allows you to search abstracts according to various criteria and key words. For example, to search for all posters presented on a specific day, you have two options:

- Type "poster" in the Search field and enter the date in the column "Date of presentation". The search is immediate.

- Click on the arrow (automatic filter) at the top of each column and click on the desired category (i.e. Accepted as Poster Presentation, Date of presentation - 19.05.2013).

Either way, you can conveniently look for all posters that are presented on a certain day.

To search by key word, type the desired topic (e.g. migration) in the Search field and click on the Search button.

Abstract search access is not yet enabled.